Hamdi Yousef(ハムディ ユーセフ)


Having started Yoga during my teenage years, I was immediately aware of the incredible benefits it had for both the body and soul. Not to mention it’s convenience, it can be practiced almost anywhere with anyone. However, like anything in life, the environment can…

Having practiced Yoga using a number of different mats (and sometimes without a mat) I quickly became aware that my mental state could be affected quite heavily by what mat I was using at the time. Trying desperately to avoid my hands slipping while holding a downward dog, or attempting to ignore knee pain caused by a too-thin mat destroyed my Vinyasa flow.

During my journeys across the Arabic continent I learned from many Yogis who used a wide variety of mats and substitutes during their sessions to fit their individual needs. This inspired me to begin my research into the creation of yoga mats and as Shun, a friend I had met during my University years, was running a Yoga factory we decided to team up to create mats to suit one and all.



高山 駿(タカヤマ シュン)